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if i didn’t care…

Posted in from the heart..., jack lawrence on August 22, 2010 by gilrang

if i didn’t care é uma deliciosa canção de jack lawrence, gravada pela primeira vez pelo conjunto the inkspots. em 2007, amy adams e lee pace a interpretam com muita emoção no filme miss pettigrew lives for a day.

if i didn’t care…
if i didn’t care,
more than words can say,
if i didn’t care
would i feel that way?
if this isn’t love
then why do i thrill?
and what makes my head
go round and round
while my heart stands still?

if i didn’t care,
would it be the same?
would my every prayer
begin and end
with just your name?
and would i be sure
that this is love
beyond compare?
would all this be true
if i didn’t care
for you?…

(Jack Lawrence)