I live in a rock a few million miles from Earth. It travels through space at almost the same speed as Earth and it turns over itself according to my needs. Mine is a spot in a privileged situation from where I can see many things going on in space. I see Earth and other planets as well, but Earth and their inhabitants seem to me to be the most interesting ones.

In this Blog, I’ll describe some weird things I happen to observe from my place, mainly on Earth, but not restricted to it. I’ll also write about technology, poetry, music, politics, wines and food, not necessarily in that order and not that often either.

I have friends who travel a lot through space and they go to very distant galaxies. They use to tell me about their trips to many spots in the Universe. Every time I can, I’ll be posting news from those folks and their experiences as soon as they give me the appropriate clearance to do so, for some of them travel in military missions which are tagged as top secret.

 So, let’s stay in contact… I hope you enjoy it!…


2 Responses to “about”

  1. Ninguem Says:

    Vim conhecer seu blog e descobri que vc até que conhece bem as coisas boas do nosso planeta, apesar de morar longe…rs
    I´ll see you…bye

  2. liquidus Says:

    Ótimo seu blog!

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