alice doesn´t live here anymore…

Alice used to live here in this building. I used to see her everyday with her nice blue eyes and her astonishingly black hair. Alice used to tell me about life, about her past and about her future. Now, Alice doesn´t live here anymore…

I used to watch Alice pass by my window. The songs she used to sing I had never heard before. But I became used to her voice while she was silently singing them. I even tried to sing with her. Now, she doesn´t live here anymore…

The first time I met Alice we were both in a wheat field. Alice was then quite mysterious and she said she was sad to be glad to meet me. Well, that´s Alice!… Once, Alice told me she was happy. And I too became happy by just seeing her happiness. Now, she´s no longer here. She moved away. She went to a better place, an apartment with a view, as she said.

Me, I used to be happier when Alice lived here. We both looked happy at that time. Our conversations used to last the whole day. Our good-byes used to endure the rest of our lives. The days passed like seconds when we were together. Life used to be but a glimpse, a spark in the darkened night. Now,  I confess I´m sad cause Alice doesn´t live here anymore…

Sooner than we had expected, she became bitter and bitter because life, she used to say, is neither fair, nor unfair, but simply life. And I had to agree with her.

I started to lose Alice the day she said all that happiness would not last forever. I cannot say it was Alice who left me. It was me, after all, who went away. I could not stand the idea of losing her for one day and left. I was wrong. I lost my heart and I lost Alice…

Where did Alice go after that? Who knows?!… Who can really say to know where she went?

I still look for Alice. In the streets we used to walk together. Through the glass panes of my windows. In the books we used to exchange. In the music she used to make me hear. In the poems we used to read for each other. But, after searching for her all my life, I know, at last, where Alice did go. Alice is still living within me, in the corners of my soul…


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