love poem…


Last night you would not come,
and you have been gone so long.
I yearn to find you in my aging, earthen arms
again (your alchemy can change my clay to skin).
I long to turn and watch again
from my half-hidden place
the lost, beautiful slopes and fallings of your face,
the black, rich leaf of each eyelash,
fresh, beach-brightened stones of your teeth.
I want to listen as you breathe yourself to sleep
(for by our human art we mime
the sleeper til we dream).
I want to smell the dark
herb gardens of your hair – touch the thin shock
that drifts over your high brow when
you rinse it clean,
for it is so fine.
I want to hear the light,
long wind of your sigh.
But again tonight I know you will not come.
I will never feel again
your gentle, sleeping calm
from which I took
so much strength, so much of my human heart.
Because the last time
I reached to you
as you sat upon the bed
and talked, you caught both my hands
in yours and crossed them gently on my breast.
I died mimicking the dead.

(John Logan)


3 Responses to “love poem…”

  1. Janete Cabral Says:

    Boa escolha ! Muitos parabens por este belissimo e excelente blog…

  2. The most beautiful poem I have ever read and so true! What a wonderful to create such beauty!

  3. Jennifer Says:

    This was my favorite in a collection of poems my father gave me 30 years ago. Love-love this.

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