a sonnet to integrate derivatives…

A timeless response:

If these humble and crooked lines present
all thy regards, woes and sorrow,
in them we must feel the scent
of the poets of tomorrow…

To rhyme is all but gift,
to engender words ain’t prize,
words that’re meaningfullessly adrift
without an aim, or unwise…

But, lo, thou shall be
the poet of a new breed,
with numbers as thy seed.

The swaps, thou shall see,
will be thy perfect rhymes,
for Wall St., a million times…


2 Responses to “a sonnet to integrate derivatives…”

  1. Defensor, O Maldito Says:


    Vim visitar o seu blogue, pois ambos colaboramos no Evolução.

    Quanto ao teu post, infelizmente, não posso comentar pois meu inlgês é sofrível.


  2. So passando para dizer ola…

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