ten happy bloggers…

The last one, I promise:

Binary nursery rhymes for bloggers….

1010 (ten) happy bloggers just blogging fine,
one got a bug, then they were 1001 (nine)…

1001 (nine) happy bloggers typing till late,
one got asleep, then they were 0100 (eight)….

0100 (eight) happy bloggers drifting thru up eleven
one lost his hard disk, then they were 0111 (seven)…

0111 (seven) happy bloggers exchanging some tricks,
one got caught, then they were 0110 (six)…

0110 (six) happy bloggers in blogsphere to survive,
one went to work, then they were 0101 (five)…

0101 (five) happy bloggers, like never before,
one missed the link, then they were 0100 (four)…

0100 (four) happy bloggers, as happy as could be,
one got sad, then they were 0011 (three)….

0011 (three) happy bloggers posting anew,
one saved none, then they were 0010 (two)…

0010 (two) happy bloggers, their posts undone,
one had no comment, then they were 0001 (one)…

0001 (one) happy blogger just typing alone,
the power went off, then they were 0000 (none)…


gilrang’s Mother Goose for Bloggers and Hackers..


2 Responses to “ten happy bloggers…”

  1. SSRJhttp://soniassrj.blogspot.com Says:

    And I bet u were the last one to get off.

    Sorry if I felt asleep, I’m a lazy Carioca!

  2. I don’t undestand nothing. I’m a stupid woman.
    But, I like assim mesmo.


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